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”The best decision I have taken in my life, was to do my surgery at MaryLucy Hospital. Some doctors made me think my uterus was taken out because of its size but I just had my menstruation. A known specialist said ‘your cut is perfect, are you sure you still have your uterus?” – “Miracles Happen at Mary Lucy Hospital”

Madam Cynthia Ampadu

I have been battling with Rheumatoid arthritis for the past 3years.My Doctor told me there is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis. The only option is to be on medications forever.
I have been on several medications yet no improvement.
A friend introduced me to Stem Cell Treatment Centre with Dr. Davies, I came and it was amazing . I went through the procedure without any medication and just a week after , I’ve seen a magnificent change.
Am able to walk freely without any pain in my joint.
I am very happy with this one week great improvement.
Thank you Dr. Davies.

Mary Nana Adwoa Ampomah

I use to have very painful penetration during sex with cuts and bruises after sex, low libido and have never experience orgasm in my life. I contacted Dr. Davies for vagina rejuvenation and my sexual life has never been the same.

After the cellular medicine procedure my sexual life has improved tremendously, as my response to clitoria and vagina sensation are higher now as compared to before, infact no more complains from my partner as he enjoys me much better now. I am now a complete woman and I recommend cellular medicine treatment to every woman who has sexual related problems.

Thank you Dr. Davies

Alberta Agyare

My marriage is restored, I now believe this saying, that not all problems solved spiritually, some needs both prayers and physical solutions…….. the cellular medicine has helped restore my home…….. Thank you for everything.

Gladys Asante

For sometime I suffered painful intercourse, abdominal pains, pains in my joints, uterine tenderness and painful periods. I came for Cellular treatment and am feeling very well now and enjoying my marriage. Thank you Dr. Davies!

Emmanuella Aseda

I suffered severe lower abdominal pains, painful periods, painful intercourse, uterine tenderness. I underwent Cellular treatment ( intramyometrial ) and the pains disappeared within a week.

Princess Sarkodie

I suffered severe chronic debilitating lower abdominal pains (several years), painful periods, painful intercourse, uterine tenderness etc etc, of pain score 10/10 …..underwent Cellular treatment (intramyometrial)…pain dramatically disappeared to score 0/10 within 6 days of the treatment.

Mensah Rebecca

I was diagnosed with severe oligospermia (2.4 million) and I did not respond to any treatment, underwent Cellular treatment and the sperm count went to 15.6 million (Normal count) within 5 months (it takes about 3 months for sperm production/maturation).
Cellular POWERS!

Richard Nimo

Am a Liberian who had been married for 11 years without being able to impregnate my wife because of severe low sperm count of under 2 million ( severe oligospermia )….. I came for Cellular Treatment, Testicular Rejuvenation and within 6 weeks of the procedure my wife got pregnant….now delivered.

Fred Johnson

I went for IVF for the 5th time and they could not get eggs ( eggs depleted ) from me so it was abandoned and I was faced with egg donation from another ( younger ) woman…..I came for Cellular Treatment (ovarian Rejuvenation) in August 2019. And then went for another round of IVF…they got my own quality eggs and I conceived. I delivered a baby boy in August 2020.

Nana Yaa Kumi

I myself, I suffer from sore eyes , having to use ice cold towel pack every day for relief, usually more than once a day.
I did cellular on my own eyes a week ago, and hey I have not had sore eyes since…..very very amazing.
Dr. Davies Adedze

Dr. Davies Adedze

I have very severe debilitating chronic ( several years) pelvic pain and painful periods. No strong pain killer has helped me over the years. A week after Cellular treatment, the pain has vanished totally. Thank you Dr Davies. Ama Yeboah

Ama Yeboah

My experience after the procedure, On the third day I could see that for once I have become a man. My wife laughed and said gege zu gege meaning big enough to work. Nonetheless, the following morning, the size reduced a little. At any time use the pump, it goes up marginally but reduces a little after a while. Today 7th July 2020 marks exactly one week after the procedure.

Nana Kwame Boateng

Cellular Client (P-shot)

Thanks to cellular medicine “I am now a CONFIDENT WOMAN”

Nana Akua Smith

Cellular Client ( Acne treatment )

I’m immensely touched by your sacrifices and the tedious work done in support of me. Words can not express my heartfelt gratitude towards you, your team & Dr. DAVIES. My dear Permit me to say Thank you for now ok. Thank you very very much. May Jehovah bless all of you abundantly for caring so dearly for me as a team. I appreciate every little care you all gave to me. Ensuring every minute that I’m OK.

Akosua Erica Asantewaa

Cellular Client (Laser Lipolysis Liposuction Liposculpture)


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